Saturday, 26 January 2013

Snowy Walks

26th January 2013, Christon Bank, 8am

Heavy snow falling when you've nowhere to be but home is quite a nice feeling. We were up early and off to the woods to see what last night's snow had left for us.

We found the trees silhouetted against the dawn

Snow on lichen

Daisy in the woods as the morning sun filters through the trees.

26th January 2013, Howick shore, 10am

After a spot of breakfast we were back out to enjoy the beautiful weather. We're promised a thaw and rain tonight so I wanted to make the most of today.

Winter trees at Howick burn

We headed up into Howick gardens and spent a happy hour or so wandering through the woods.

At Howick you emerge from the woods on a footbridge which crosses the road bridge which itself crosses the burn 100 feet below.

A hellibore (Christmas Rose): Anachronistically in full bloom when so much is cold and dead.

Another evergreen plant brings colour to the frozen landscape.  This photo would be nice in b&w but the leaves' colour was important today.

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