Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Two Faces

29th November10,Christon Bank, 1pm

The sea is just visible from here but at the moment it's very audible. The sounds of the waves are carried on the easterly wind

30th November10, Newton Links, 2pm

There are very few places to park at the moment as the sides of the roads are several feet deep with ploughed snow. I'm limited as to where I can get to but the Newton Links beach car park is reachable with gentle feet and snow tyres.

Looking in two directions, a few minutes apart, you see two faces of the weather and light in this wintry showery weather.

Two faces of Daisy. The difference is a whistle.

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Lynn Webber said...

Breathtakingly beautiful photos! I'm really enjoying your snowy weather! And I love Daisy's whistle face....