Sunday, 7 November 2010

remember, remember

6th November10, Christon Bank, 8pm

5th of November (or the nearest Saturday) is a night for bonfires and fireworks. I was reminded that this is a uniquely British event in our global world as my Dutch friends knew nothing about it. It also revealed that I don't know my facts about Guy Fawkes and his buddies very well. I will be reading up today!

Mike and Margaret at The Blink Bonny pub in our village put on a great show every year but this is the first year I've tried to photograph it...

This first one reminded me of a thistle.

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you-wee because said...

Perfect exposure times for moody fireworks photos, Andy!

I did not know anything about this special British date for bonfires or fireworks either, although I read a novel about Guy Fawkes and his mates several months ago. Thrilling piece of history, the Gunpowder Plot...