Saturday, 20 November 2010

Two damp days

19th November10, Low Newton 3pm

Newton Pool from the bird hide on a still, damp afternoon.

20th November10, Thrunton Woods, 1pm

Another still, damp afternoon but this time me and Daisy went inland to the woods at Thrunton. The paths through this Forestry Commission plantation are shut at this time of year. You can still walk on them but the FC takes no responsibility of you slip on the mud! One consequence is that the waymarkers seemed to have been removed. I got a bit disorientated wandering through the misty woods on Callaly Crags and had to resort my map and the compass and GPS on my iPhone to make sure we went the right way. Never underestimate the kit you might need on a walk...

On top of Castle Hill there is an iron age hillfort which is a very atmospheric place. The beech trees on the site of the fort are ancient and gnarled but are mere saplings compared to the age of the fort.

McCartney's cave is a hand-carved retreat made by a local monk couple of centuries ago. I looked for beatles but there weren't any.

Looking down Hob's Nick. Reputedly the home of "little people' (think Hob-goblin) who used to be blamed for all sorts of mischief...

Any mischief hereabouts was being caused by this little pixie...

On the way home over Alnwick Moor this roadside waterfall is often no more than a trickle. Not today.

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