Sunday, 28 November 2010

autumn or winter?

27th November10,Christon Bank, 3pm

Another venture out through the deep snow. I thought we'd chosen a bright spell but the next snow shower was on its way from the NE (ie straight down from the arctic!)

In winter you get snow and bare trees but because it's still autumn, there are leaves falling on top of the snow. Every year we get a freak weather event somewhere. Ocean currents are changing and weather systems are slowing down as they pass over Britain so when it rains, it rains in one place intensively and it floods. Same last winter with 3 months of sustained cold, snowy weather, flash floods in Cumbria last year, in Cornwall 2 weeks ago and now this cold snap is forecast to last for a week - unheard of in November.

And still some say there's no climate change...

28th November10,Christon Bank, 8am

This snowman has 2 eyes, 2 arms and 2 cans of lager - Daisy thought this was very curious.

I've walked past these trees dozens of times but the snow made their sinuous curves stand out.

Icy pond


you-wee because said...

Didn't I promised you that you get some snow even in your part of the planet Earth, Andy!?!?! ;-)

Winter definitely arrived very early this year - more or less in whole Europe.

We had the first snow last Monady. In the meanwhile whole Germany is covered with a blanket of snow, even in the low-lying areas.

Moody winter scenes you show us, Andy!

Nihal said...

I think God gives to my heart. I'm happily dancing under sun as it's not cold and snowy like yours. Enjoy your 'real' winter there:)

ps- great photoblog you have, why no ones leaves at least a word saying Hi?!

you-wee because said...

Am I "no one", Nihal...?!?!