Monday 20 December 2010

White Christmas ahead

19th December10, Christon Bank, 2pm

Back to snowy conditions. It meant a cancelled trip to Glasgow so no family Christmas for me. We'll make up for it at the weekend with Su's family. There are folk much worse off than we are with closed airports etc etc.

20th December 2010, Alnwick, 8am

Winter limousine services have resumed so I had a wander around the park with my iPhone camera. It was a beautiful morning and the conditions aren't nearly as bad as they were 2 weeks ago.


Lynn Webber said...

What a shame about your Glasgow family Christmas! Snow is not as good as it looks. What's that up on top of the plinth? A famous lion? I'm trying to read the inscription without success... I can just make out 'Hope in God'.

Andy Craig Photography said...

On top of the plinth is a pointy tailed lion, the symbol of Alnwick. "Hope in God" is the motto of the Percy family, Dukes of Northumberland. The plinth was erected by a grateful public subscription. I'm always slightly cynical about such things but those were different times.