Wednesday 15 December 2010

a picture of patience

14th December10, Newton Links, 3pm

Another in my mini-series of abstract coastal seascapes. The subtle differences in light are captured quite nicely.

Daisy doesn't mind my photographic experimentation as long as she still gets to play with the ball...

15th December10, Embleton Bay, 8am

A grand view across the bay from the dunes. Note the disturbed sand where previously Daisy and her two new friends had had a good old chase about.

..and another slight variation on the abstract project.


you-wee because said...

With a little luck I will get the chance to take some photos at the (German) North Sea coast in two weeks, too.

I'm really curious what type of weather we'll get this winter season. Of course I appreciate blue sky, a sun just above the horizon and calm wind conditions.
But you never know what you get at the North Sea during winter. So I take what the weather god offers to us.
Especially the last of your photos looks like a monochrome painting - with a umbrage of brown colour that seems to be the sandy beach section. But your first photo is really gorgeous, too.


Lynn Webber said...

I really like the abstracts. They have a beautiful dreamlike quality.