Thursday, 14 May 2009


"Flying Kites" used to appear on my CV under Hobbies (when I used to have need of a CV). So I was pleased to watch these foils buzzing around in the stiff on-shore wind. I may have to look to see how much they cost these days...

14th May09, High Newton, 4pm

First, Trooper does a bit of flying about in his own style.

Birdsfoot trefoil aka "eggs and bacon"

Perfect day for it

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David White said...

Hi Andy

Wonderful images - I have really enjoyed looking through your blog and will follow from now on.

I am the chap flying the red/white kite in these images. We had a wonderful week and I have also taken lots of images of the area which I will post for you to see on my photo blog(a fellow blogger also!).

You are very lucky being able to walk your dog on that beach every day - the unspoiled natural environment behind the beach was stunning, as was kitebuggying 1/2 a mile along the perfect beach!

Good luck with the ongoing photography.