Sunday, 31 May 2009

hot weekend

Summer weather to finsh off May meant it was too nice to be inside uploading blog pictures!

The beautiful weather brought many visitors to the area for the weekend but as 99% of the visitors are beach-bound, we like to go inland...

29th may09, Howick Coast, 9am

29th May09, Hepburn Woods, 3pm

31st May09, Hepburn Woods, 1pm

Quite a long walk with good friends through the woods in the heat today so a few snaps then it all ended with a pub lunch, an excellent pint and a tired dog. For those watching from a warm country it was 21 C, 70 F but that's hot for me!

Chickweed Wintergreen, known as "seven star" it's more common in Scotland than here in NE England. Despite its name, it can have 5 - 7 petals.

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