Friday, 8 May 2009

Feed the birds

Put peanuts out for the birds and you never know who'll come along. Red squirrels like this handsome chap are under threat in the UK. They are native to this country but are being bullied and infected with disease by bigger grey squirrels. Northumberland is a corner of the UK where they can still be found and they come into our garden now and again. Help yourself little friend.

Off to the woods with Trooper today as it was too windy for the beach. The wind was so noisy in the woods I couldn't hear my podcast! Falloden estate was owned by the cousin of Earl Grey (of the tea) who lived a few miles away. Earl Grey's gardens are famous and open to the public at Howick. I like to think our cousin borrowed a few samples from Earl Grey for his woods at Falloden. Certainly there are some interesting trees hereabouts.

7th May09, Falloden, 3pm

Sweet Woodruff: Used in cooking in olden days and, as a member of the Bedstraw family, it would have been used for sleeping on too. Handy for a midnight snack!

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