Saturday 27 December 2008

Groaty Buckies

The last time we found we shells like these they were on Orkney where they're called "Groaty Buckies". Cowries to everyone else. They became an obsession for us on Orkney so we were very excited to find them in Northumberland too.

27th December, near Boulmer, 11am

One of these handsome chaps has graced this blog before but here are the trio together. Their names are inscribed below each one as far as I can make out...

"Barmy Owl"


"Red LooPoo"

The hut is more complete than it was but is now unambiguously held together with nylon netting. I'm sure this is a temporary measure as we've had pretty strong winds recently. I now understand this is the work of Newcastle University students. There is an iron age hillfort very near here and I'm sure they're not unrelated.

Northumberland360 will return in 2009. Happy New Year!

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