Saturday 13 December 2008

A few days to catch up

11th December, 8am, Alnwick

A change of scenery as I needed to be in Alnwick this morning and Trooper came along. We found a nice spot for a walk and the dark rain clouds gave way to a pleasant morning sun.

11th December, 3pm, High Newton

Lovely low light this afternoon so I took some shots into the sun for some nice effects.

Sanderlings dashing around avoiding the waves. Great wee birds to sit and watch.

The moon is at it's closest to the Earth for 15 years and, unusually, it coincides with the full moon. Hence it is very bright and slightly bigger. Looks bonny anyhow.

12th December, 8am, Embleton Bay

Another lovely dawn this morning which I saw at its best from the car before we got to the beach. Still - a very pleasant morning.

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