Tuesday 2 December 2008

boats and choppers

2nd December 2008, Howick Coast, 8am

Very pleasant today because the normally muddy path was all frozen. Sometimes the rocks around here are good for a wee scramble about on but not when RAF Boulmer's finest are watching...

This was a lovely patch of light on the sand at Howick Haven. It reminded me of Ansel Adams work - He would have done a much better job of controlling the burnt out sky though...

2nd December 2008, Low Newton, 3pm

Lovely low sun on the boats in Newton "marina".

This view is East and the sky is as colourful as it should be West at sunset.

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Norah Wilson said...

by the way, i have been inspired. i bought a nice camera and have been snapping photos non-stop. this one one of the beach reminds me of several i took of scotland when we were there in october. of course, i have not become so skilled, but am enjoying the process!