Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Don't Tell

 4th January 2022, Howick, 8am

A very chilly morning - frosty and clear,

I was told a few years ago about a 'secret wave' on the Northumberland Coast which is excellent to surf but only for the best surfers because it runs out onto rocks rather than a beach so it's not for the beginner.  I was told not to mention it widely.  Over the years I've seen only a handful of people surfing it.

Today the car park was full and there were 5 surfers in the water with another 7 walking down and yet another van on its way as I drove home.  Clearly it's not a secret any more.

One surfer told me it was busy cos the conditions were perfect.

I waited for about 10 minutes but saw no-one actually ride any waves so I gave it up as a spectator sport and went home.

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