Wednesday, 10 February 2021

close to the sea

 10th Feb 2021, Shilbottle, 8am

I love living close enough to the coast that I can hear the waves raging at night and the sea is my distant horizon in the morning. 

After the colours of sunrise faded the snow clouds rumbled on out over a snow-splattered Coquet Island.

Before, during and after a snowy shower

I've said before that I'm no bird photographer.  This morning I was trying to photograph a Robin as he perched on a snowy branch.  A Robin - that most friendly of little birds and subject of millions of picture-perfect photographs. 
Whenever I lifted my lens he dotted from here to there, turned his back on me and insisted on staying on my sunny side so he was silhouetted against the dawn sky.
Eventually I gave up as my fingers froze.
Back home and I quite like the result.  Every photograph is a story!

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