Sunday, 28 February 2021

a blue anniversary

 28th Feb 2021, Warkworth, 9am

Beautiful blue seascapes today.  The sand has been scoured and a very low spring tide left pools of bright water reflecting the sky.

Despite the day of blue skies, calm seas and acres of patterned sands, I chose to photograph a rusty boiler on a shipwreck. (The low spring tide and shifting sands have revealed more of this shipwreck than I've seen before). I love the colours and textures and they hold a beauty in themselves. Also the old boiler could tell a story or two about the crew who stoked the fire with coal on many journeys across the sea. 

It seems likely this is the remains of a trawler from North Shields called "Premier" which ran aground at Birling Carrs on 25th February 1902 - 119 years ago almost to the day!

Later, from high on the dunes, I saw another photographer lining up the same photograph...

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