Tuesday 1 December 2020


 1st December 2020, Buston, 7:30am

There was a proper nip in the air this morning.  Lovely!

Sometimes all you need to do is point and shoot after nature has laid on a beautiful sunrise for you. 

There is a bit more to this shot: After seeing the shot I wanted in my head, I walked right down to the edge of the sea so the frame was filled with the patterned wet sand and I got down on my knees and framed the shot with a nice level horizon and a good mix of sky and foreground. Then I made sure there was enough depth of focus but still enough shutter speed for hand held shooting and that the exposure was nicely balanced in the histogram. The small aperture also gave me a wee starry sunburst which was a bonus. I shot in raw and tweaked the shadowy areas a little bit back home before cropping to a pleasing 'letterbox' aspect ratio. 



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