Tuesday 29 December 2020

changing clouds

 29th December 2020, Buston, 8am

This morning brought freezing showers of hail and sleet. 

Such changeable weather is a Good Thing for the warmly dressed photographer and I hung about for an hour or so to watch the weather. 

The first one is at 8:30 just a few minutes before sunrise but there was little colour and no sign of the sun. Sheets of rain hung in the sky making me grateful they were a good way away. 

It took until 9am for some colour to develop and, although it was just a patch at the horizon the zoom lens let me make a study of the light over Coquet island. 

This light hung about for another half hour but as the sun climbed it illuminated the edges of the higher clouds too. 

Another few minutes later and a hail shower rolled in off the sea heading in our direction so it was time to head home for breakfast.

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