Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Farnes trip

17th June 2014, Farne Islands, 6pm

I had an evening trip out to The Farnes with the North Northumberland Tourism Association. We headed off on a lumpy sea but eventually reached Longstone lighthouse in the fog. As we headed back in the fog lifted and the sun came out for our walk around Inner Farne being pecked by terns all the way...

40,000 pairs of puffins this year - is there a cuter bird?

Vicious, beautiful arctic terns.  Don't land on Inner Farne if you are afraid of birds - they will peck your head!

Handsome razorbill


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you-wee because said...

I didn't know you are a bird watcher, too, Andy. I like the birds you took and, yes, the Atlantic puffin with its colourful beak is really a star among all seabirds. There are not too many of these flying gems in our region. More honest: I've never observed one of the puffins here in southern Germany, they are birds of the coastal areas of the North or even Baltic Sea here in Europe.

Andy Craig Photography said...

Yes Uwe I'd be very surprised to find a puffin near your home! It's nice we have so many near my home but only for a couple of months each year.