Thursday, 26 June 2014

One Wet Day, Two Sunny Days

24th June 2014, Howick, 9am

Andy's training course and we headed down to Howick.  It was drizzly so we sought out textures and things that looked good in the flat light.

New thistle

Howick sandstone patterns

25th June 2014, Embleton Bay, 8am

Bright and sunny for Ian's training.  The sun was sparkling off the water of the Skaith

This "Bloody Cranesbill" was in the shadow of a fern.

26th June 2014, Low Newton, 8am

Another sunny day and Daisy took to the water to cool off.

Once she was damp she was more comfortable running around...

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1 comment:

you-wee because said...

Sometime the absence of sunlight is really a fortune when taking photos!
Great and antmospheric photographs, Andy!
Have a great weekend!