Thursday 13 September 2012

Two days of photography

10/11th Sep12, Dunstanburgh and Howick,

A two day training course is the best way to get to grips with photography as we have so much time to cover everything and practice what we've been talking about. So it was for Stephen and Pat on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday we had a cloudy day and wandered up to Dunstanburgh Castle and the cannonball boulders as the sky glowered above us.

Next day we went to Howick in bright sunshine. I fancied B&W for both days.

It's worth noting that geologically speaking, these two headlands are twin sisters being opposite ends of the whin sill. That's why we find cannonball boulders at both locations.

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Lynn Webber said...

Wow, Andy! I never would have thought to use black and white for a sunshine shot, but it looks amazing! Brings out all sorts of interesting qualities...