Sunday, 23 September 2012


22nd Sep12, Newton Links, 7pm

A lovely walk as the sun set very impressively. The walk was spoiled by selfish, thoughtless people letting off fireworks on the beach when Daisy was only 100 yds away. Poor pup is traumatised and any loud noise today has left her tail-between-the-legs and shaking. Stick to organised displays please. Think of other people's pets - and livestock and horses too when you're in the country.

23rd Sep12, Newton Links, 8am

Beautiful light this morning. This one needs to be left in colour.

23rd Sep12, Goswick, 4pm

People had told me how lovely Goswick was and I'd never been so we dropped by today. It's certainly an amazing landscape (or sandscape if you will). Sadly there was evidence of a few petrol driven things being driven across the sand so it may be our peaceful visit was a lucky one. We're fortunate to have the National Trust looking after our beaches...

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Paul said...

Lovely sunset pictures Andy particularly the 3rd one from the top....very atmospheric.

Hope Daisy has recovered from her firework ordeal.

Lynn Webber said...

I love your green take on Goswick sands. So creepy!

And Boo to the fireworks letter-offers who scared poor Daisy.