Monday, 19 March 2012

return of the stone balancers

15th March12, Newton Links, 8am

Patterns in the sand

16th March12, Low Newton Dunes, 10am

Catkins are a beautiful sign of spring coming...

18th March12, Howick shore, 11am

Someone had been here before us balancing stones on the rocks. We tried to keep Daisy's inquisitive nose away from them!

19th March12, Newton Links, 8am

Footprints on the slimy shore

It was beautiful quiet morning with delicate light playing across the wet sand.

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Paul said...

Love that pic of the sun & the sand.

you-wee because said...

I'm really a fan of stone balancers, but as a photographer I like you images of the patterns in the sand even more. That's one of my favourite activities when strolling along a beach as well - paying attention to interesting patterns and finds at the beach.

Have a great and sunny rest of the week!