Friday 30 March 2012

last day of 'summer'?

28th March12, Christon Bank, 7am

Out with Daisy through the woods as the sun made its first appearance behind the trees.

30th March12, Embleton Bay, 9am

So tomorrow the wind will turn to the North and it'll be cloudy and 8 degC. Nearly two weeks of Summer weather will come to an end.

For Lisa's training course we enjoyed a warm, bright day again.

Although were a good number of folk around, there's always time for quiet contemplation...

...or a bit of fishing.

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you-wee because said... in Germany the "summer" already made a break!

I wish you a pleasant weekend, Andy,

Regards, Uwe.

Lynn Webber said...

Hopefully you have more summer days to come! Beautiful photos, Andy. I especially love the ambience and composition of 'quiet contemplation'.