Sunday, 20 November 2011

weekend catch up

18th Nov11, Embleton Bay, 3pm

Fred the Doberman lives in our village and he and Daisy get on fine. Today Fred nicked Daisy's ball as she looked on helplessly

The sunset reflected in a beach hut window.

19th Nov11, Embleton Bay, 8am

Kerstin's training course and we had a lovely morning. The Skaith is dammed by seaweed just now so the water is high and gives lovely reflections.

Where The Skaith empties across the sand there are nice textures in the water but you have to down close to make a nice photograph out of the scene.

Up closer to Dunstanburgh Castle and the 'cannonball boulders' make a nice foreground. With the tide in, it's nice to see a hint of sea.

Details in amongst the rocks.

20th Nov11, Fallodon Woods, 8am

Unidentified fungi around a beech tree.

Lovely autumn colours and textures in the woods

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Joe Pereira said...

Hi Andy, you sure take some wonderful photos. Just curiosity, what camera do you use?

Andy Craig Photography said...

Hi Joe,

Good to hear from you and thanks for the compliment!. Although I use Canon SLR's for my professional work, all of the pictures on this blog are taken with a Canon G9 compact camera.

I sang for the first time in the local pub this week - my couple of songs in Moynihans were very important to me - Thanks again for the opportunity!