Monday 7 November 2011

roaming free

7th Nov11, Beadnell Bay, 8am

Another lovely morning (once the ice was scraped off the car). Daisy was roaming free but 3 dogs have been poisoned in our village recently so I'm watching her like a hawk.

Most likely poisoned bait has been left somewhere for 'vermin' to eat and the dogs have found it too. It's nasty, dangerous, selfish, and illegal.

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1 comment:

you-wee because said...

...there the sun is / was!!!

Hi Andy!

Obviously your weather has been much better than ours in Germany during the recent days.
I spent some days at the German North Sea coast and except of a few hours of sunshine we mostly had fog or low stratus during the whole week.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you four-footed companion that he doesn't pick up one of the poisoned baits some idiots spread in your vicinity...!

Regards, Uwe.