Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sunrise Story

22nd Oct11, Embleton bay, 6:30 - 8am

Daisy gave me some funny looks when we opened the back door into the dark of night but she happily joined me on the pitch black beach. Her amazing night vision meant she could chase her ball when it was completely lost to my sight.

The camera too struggled to see in the twilight before sunrise so I played around with some handheld shots at very grainy high ISO...

Then a 1 second exposure with deliberate movement of the camera

Soon the light was bright enough for more conventional photography and we walked on taking in different views of the constantly changing light.

Finally the sun came up and daylight would follow.. Time for breakfast...

This morning's free sunrise made me think about materialism:

One old tennis ball
Is all you need to have fun
When you are a dog

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1 comment:

Paul said...

A day or two late I know but happy birthday to this superb blog and a big thank you for allowing us to share you wonderful photographs.

Love those early morning shots....saw similar skies this morning as I crossed the Humber Bridge heading south with my coach.