Saturday, 1 October 2011

ghosts in the mist

1st Oct11, Craster to Dunstanburgh, 11am

Good long walk with friends and a bacon sandwich halfway.

Warm but hazy today with very atmospheric shots out to sea.

A ghostly yacht slips by out to sea but the fishermen were far from ghostly as they travelled up from Craster on petrol powered scooters. I think I have officially seen it all...

This shot reminded me of those rubbish photographs purporting to be mysterious, ghostly figures appearing at castle windows. Nothing ghostly about this but a fun composition.

Daisy and Su at the castle

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Ruth Rivera said...

beautiful pictures and cute dog.

Joe Pereira said...

Great photos Andy, I'm impressed. I hope you had a pleasant trip back to blighty, thanks for your support at Moynihans. My hand is better :) Joe - Madeira