Wednesday, 16 February 2011

sunny one way

16th February11, Newton Point, 3pm

This is more like it!

There were still clouds out West but it was sunny the way we were going...

First off, a couple of photos stitched together to make a panorama across Embleton Bay

Up close to the waves.

Happy Dog!

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Paul said...

Some great shots today Andy. Love the pics of Embleton Bay and the coastgaurd house. Driving towards Newton I always look out for the old radio tower on the horizon.

I was intrigued by the multi-coloured rock with the waves crashing around it. There is a similar one, it may even be the same one, close to Newton Point in certain lighting conditions looks almost like a pig.

Andy Craig Photography said...

It's certainly in the area you describe and I can see a pig (I think)!!