Sunday, 4 July 2010

Old friends revisited

4th July 2010, Embleton Bay, 8am

It's in the nature of this blog, where there is a limited range geographically, that I'll revisit the same spots. Especially now as my exploring is on hold while we wait for Daisy's immune system to catch up. My only visits to the beach right now are to teach courses and I use the same places for good reasons:

1. Free parking at the Golf Club
2. Learning opportunities for my students
3. Bacon sandwich opportunities at the Clubhouse!

In any case, if I've taken photos from these exact locations before, the combination of weather and season means that each day is unique. Today was like winter; cold and windy but the profusion of green bracken and the height of the sun are unargueable, if subtle, indicators of the summer.

To add an extra twist I fancied trying some black and white renditions to fit the gloomy mood of the weather.

The wind was whipping the grass into an impressionist confusion of colour.

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Paul said...

There is no such thing as too much of Northumberland.