Tuesday 1 December 2009

slow motion

It took ages to get going this morning as the inside and outside of the car were frozen. So we went to Howick thinking the mud would be frozen, but it wasn't. I slipped and trudged slowly through the mud and Trooper tiptoed round the edge keeping his paws clean. Once on the coast path we made better speed until Trooper wanted to stop and 'chat' to the sheep. On turning for home Trooper slowed to his "return leg" speed. Going back to the car often takes twice as long as the outward leg.

It was a rather fine morning so I didn't mind one bit.

1st Dec09, Howick Coast, 8am

On a slow motion kind of a day I tried to capture the languid susurration of the waves in this different view of Dunstanburgh from the South.

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