Sunday 20 December 2009

Big Foot

A good fall of snow yesterday covered all the trees and they looked magical. It all happened just as the evening fell so I couldn't get any photos of the beautiful scene. Next morning, and the trees are bare of snow but it's still beautiful.

20th Dec09, Christon Bank, 8am

20th Dec09, Howick Estate, 1pm

Such a nice day, bright, crisp, cold and calm. The roads were a bit slippy which is why it was quiet out and about.

This is a magnificent Scot's Pine in the Howick grounds.

The colour is from the branches of the tree, not foliage.

Huge bird prints in the snow. We think it's a Grey Heron out for a walk. Fully 6 inches from back to front.

Trooper arrived to help in the search...

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