Monday, 21 September 2009

Still Here

Unfortunately, the business takes precedence over the blog but today I find myself with time to catch up with the last few days.

17th Sep09, Embleton Bay, 8pm

The clouds were extraordinary this evening. The light was grey and dull until the sun started to set and broke free of the overcast. The clouds were then lit from below and looked truly beautiful. I'm glad they were photographable.

19th Sep09, High newton, 8am

20th Sep09, from the back garden, 7am

A promising start to the morning but duller at the beach.

20th Sep09, Howick Coast, 5pm

A fantastic day all day - blue skies but with a wind at the coast that was whipping these grasses around.

21st Sep09, High Newton, 8am

Gannets in very close to the shore and too busy feeding to bother with me. This was like a Diving School for the (dark coloured) juveniles.

This juvenile (centre left) has obviously learned the diving technique pretty well.

21st Sep09, Football Hole, 4pm

Strangely calm sea - Ideal for Trooper to get a bit of swimming in.

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Lynn Webber said...

Gorgeous photos, every single one! I love the one of the wind whipping the grasses. Still trying to figure out which end of the swimming Trooper I'm looking at!