Saturday, 26 September 2009

A Pair of Ones

26th Sep09, around Christon Bank, 8am

A quick walk around Christon Bank in the pleasant morning sun. The gates at either end of the woods.

The BBC's Clare Balding was on the radio this morning walking from Budle Bay to Seahouses so we decided to retrace her footsteps but we turned back at Bamburgh after an icecream! Still a fine, varied 4 hour walk on a cracking day.

So many ladybirds this year! A very colourful mini-plague.

Bamburgh Castle from an angle I'd never seen before

These two giant dice are WWII tank traps painted up. I love these. Anything that makes life a bit brighter and less po-faced has got to be good.

These kite surfers were plodding up and down on flat water for as long as we were out. Surely it gets a bit dull after a while? Very colourful in the sky though (see above)

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Lynn Webber said...

Great photos, that last one looks so surreal! Thanks for the link to Clare Balding's walk. Really enjoyed listening to it having just seen these.