Wednesday 5 April 2023

of pictoliths and seeing things

 28th March 2023, Warkworth, 9am

A 'pictolith' is a stone that seems to have on its surface an image of a memory of the landscape where it was created.

A bit rainy and grey this afternoon but there was just me, a couple of dogwalkers and a photography group. I wasn’t sure what they’d be finding to photograph but I set myself the same challenge though I only had my phone.  

I prefer being in encumbered by a hefty tripod unless it’s necessary and I find that photographs appear more often as you walk and explore and stop and think. 

Sure enough the colours and patterns in this lichen patch caught my eye with a nice view across the Howick rocks and the grey waves.

Hedges are full of blackthorn in flower just now. It’s known to flower in cold spring weather known as a ‘blackthorn winter’

29th March 2023, Howick, 9am

Running North and South over the wee bridge at Howick Bay

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