Thursday, 19 January 2023

signs of seasons

19th Jan 2023, Warkworth, 8am 

Each of these photos says "winter" to me but with varying degrees of subtlety. 

Only at this time of year does the sun rise close to Coquet Island. In the summer the sun will rise well to the north. 

Waves rolling in from a big swell are not impossible at other times of year but much more of a winter thing. 

Icicles on the beach are a much more obvious sign of a cold snap (and a lot of rain prior to the freezing temperatures). Today they were dripping and thawing in the sun. 

There is warmth in the sun now, the days are noticeably longer, birds are bright in breeding plumage and their calls are spring-like. Snowdrops and other bulbs are pushing through the frozen soil. Despite the sub-zero temperatures this morning, all around us are hints of spring to come.

Arcs in the sand created by grasses spinning in the wind

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