Tuesday, 30 July 2019

not for profit

30th July 2019, Holy Island, 7am

Colours of sunrise are yet to fade
And clouds are lit from below by a sun 
as yet hidden from view
The mirror surface of the peaceful haven
Begins to ripple as the breeze awakens
With the coming of a new day.

The national Trust have taken to parking a white van in front of the castle as an advert and membership recruitment location.

It really spoils this classic view of the iconic landmark of Lindisfarne castle.

I had to resort to photoshop which I don't normally do for my blog photos.

The Gertrude Jekyll garden is utterly beautiful at the moment.

This is one of many hundreds of Painted Lady butterflies that are wafting onto our shores right now.  I have never seen them in vast numbers like this.

This is a small tortoiseshell enjoying breakfast.

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