Wednesday, 23 May 2018

forgotten words

23rd may 2018, Embleton Bay, 8am

More flowers... Campion (dark pink and pale pink versions) and Bluebells - there is a lot of colour around just now.

I recently came across this quote from a nature writer of last century.  He was writing for the Guardian during the First World War and spoke of his reluctance to write trivial pieces about nature at a time of great national crisis.  I can empathise as someone who posts pretty pictures when everyone around me posts angry, earnest political opinions on the state of the world.

"reminders of what is normal and sweet in life are more than ever necessary, and I shall waive all scruples in deference to your kind appreciation" Basil de Selincourt 1915

23rd May 2018, Howick shore, 4pm

I was looking at the beautiful dandelion heads when an orange tip butterfly showed up.  His orange tips are hidden by the folded wings.

A few minutes later I stood for a happy 10 minutes watching a pod of dolphins go by.  No photos of that I'm afraid - they were binocular distance.

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