Saturday, 9 September 2017

Sky stories

9th September 2017, Embleton Bay, 6:30am

Tidal pool is calm
Reflecting the new day's sky
I stand and breathe deep

Camera version:

Phone Version:

We stood and looked at the sea and the sky but soon the black cloud came our way...

9th September 2017, Barter Books, 9am

A bit different from my usual but I spent a while sitting in Barter Books (a 2nd hand book shop in Alnwick) and took a few photos.

9th September 2017, Football Hole, 5pm

Daisy waited patiently for her afternoon walk - her tail like a coiled spring.

A very pleasant family walk after a busy, arty creative day.  I spotted these people walking along the beach and the light was just nice.

I thought I should really take a similar photo of Su and Daisy

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