Saturday, 21 February 2015

after a working week

18th February 2015, Low Newton, 5:30pm

Evening light on the beach houses.

19th February 2015, Embleton Bay, 5:30pm

Another evening  - shadowy blue sea and sky.

20th February 2015, Christon Bank, 6:15am

My regular morning dog-walk starts at 6:15 and I've enjoyed many moon and star-lit walks up these familiar paths near my village. As winter fades and spring comes quietly to the countryside, the days have been getting ever longer until this morning, as we came out the woods, we were met for the first time this year by the pre-dawn colours of the sky framed by the trees..

20th February 2015, at home, 4pm

waiting for her walk...

20th February 2015, Howick Shore, 4:30pm

A tower of stones teetering at the rising tide.

21st February 2015, Beadnell Bay, 7:30am

An interesting pattern in the sand from the highest point the high tide reached overnight.

A weekend morning means time to spare for fun and games.

Andy Craig Photography

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