Monday, 20 January 2014

worth the wait

20th January 2014, Howick, 8am

The day started grey and frosty. The car was well frozen this morning with ice inside and out and the engine temperature never moved all the way to Howick so there was no warm air to warm my toes.

We wandered for a while, uninspired photographically but happy to be out and about. There was no wind but the big sea was roaring and crashing onto the rocks.

I'd noticed a gap in the clouds just above the horizon so I decided to wait and see what happened when the sun reached the gap. Meanwhile I stomped about trying to keep warm by picking up some litter and photographing frosty things in the flat light.

When the sun reached the hole in the clouds the whole shoreline was bathed in a warm light and it was transformed from grey to gold.

Daisy took the opportunity to scan the fields and together we watched a hare lolloping around for a while.  Patience and landscape photography go together and I was pleased that we waited a few minutes.

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1 comment:

you-wee because said...

Great shots, Andy! It was really worth waiting this morning!
Have a great week!