Thursday 28 November 2013

early dark

27th November 2013, Christon Bank, 3:30pm

As we get close to winter solstice the sunset is in its full glory by 3:30pm and it's all but dark by 4:30.

This beautiful sky was photographed and shared on facebook by photographers the length and breadth of Northumberland

28th November 2013, Low Newton, 8am

...and then there are the winter days where the colour disappears completely and b/w photography is the thing.

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Unknown said...

Nice photo of the horses on the beach- I wish I knew you were taking a picture I would have improved my posture!
Debbie High Newton

you-wee because said...

Hi Andy,
we are currently covered by thick fog here in the south of Germany, no sunbeam will hit our retinal ganglion cells or our camera lenses... I enjoyed your late afternoon photography - the second one is really excelently!