Monday 21 October 2013

rises and falls

19th October 2013, Embleton Bay. 8am

Back home from sunny Madeira to very grey autumnal days on the beach..

20th October 2013, Dunstanburgh, 8am

This is the time of year when the sun lines up with the castle tower as it rises (if you know where to stand)

21st October 2013, Low Newton. 8am

The cows and sheep are back on Newton Point and Newton Links so Low Newton beach becomes our favoured winter destination. Just a grey heron for company.

As the sun rose in the East, so the (nearly) full moon set in the West.

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Paul said...

Welcome back Daisy & Andy....

you-wee because said...

I hope you enjoyed your leisure time on the island of Madaira! Are there still a lot of flowers blossoming?
Regards from sunny and warm Germany - 23°C and sunshine today (like Madeira!)... ;-)