Saturday, 7 September 2013

The return of things autumnal

7th September 2013, Embleton Bay, 6:30am

Lots of photographers will tell you that autumn is their favourite time of year. The sun rises at a nice sensible time (6:22 this morning) and yesterday's stormy weather has stirred up the sea and flooded the skaith back to its photogenic best.

Soon the reds and oranges of dawn fade to golds and blues and the receding tide leaves wet sand to reflect the clouds.

Behind the dunes are other signs of autumn.  Brambles are still sharp on the tongue

and these hop cones have not yet ripened to their aromatic best.

Knapweed is providing bright colour amongst the fading foliage.  This is the flower that inspired my logo a few years ago (see below)

Daisy is a patient hound when it comes to a photographically inspiring morning like this but she does like to get in the shot...

Back down to the sand and we're not the first footprints of the day.

Now the tide has receded properly and these giant scale sand ripples have been left by the rough sea.  So nice I photographed them twice.

A last view over the skaith on the way home for breakfast.

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