Friday, 26 April 2013


24th April 2013, Embleton Bay and Howick

Down to Embleton Bay and then Howick for today's PhotoWorkshop. Very changeable light with dark clouds and bright intervals. Great photography weather.

In the dunes the dandelions are amongst the first flowers to appear and this red-tailed bumblebee was there to take advantage. He was here yesterday too. Protecting bees is very much in the news these days. The UK government is about to block EU legislation that aims to protect bees from damage by harmful pesticides. This is not a party political issue - all politicians are very short-sighted but they listen to voters opinion if there's enough of us shouting.  

Please send the environment minister an email TODAY click here Thanks.

The view from the dunes...

On the beach, the sand has been washed away leaving rocks where there used to be no rocks.

The latest in my occasional series of photographs of whinstone with sand patterns. Pointy headed man anyone?

At Howick, the battle between light and dark raged out over the North Sea

Meanwhile my eye was drawn to the texture of the light and dark on the shore rocks.

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