Friday, 31 August 2012

Bright and Early

31st Aug12, Embleton Bay, 5:30am

I woke up early and it looked beautiful outside. 4 degC and the sunrise due just after 6am so off we went. Daisy's always a willing companion.

First thing was the full moon setting behind the golf clubhouse. This is a blue moon - the 2nd full moon in the month of August.

The pre-dawn light is beautiful. I knew the sun would rise a little N of due East so I set off for a good location.
Up on the golf course and the first hints of the sun backlighting the clouds. Daisy was a distant beige speck somewhere over the fairways but I decided to trust her to come back - she always does.
Back on the beach to look for interesting foreground textures and patterns. There were 3 photographers at the S end of Embleton Bay this morning but this is the more interesting view for me.
Daisy's trail...
...and mine. I'll call this "walking home after the sunrise"
The golden light of the low sun catching the edge of the sand
Daisy's gaze takes her back to the golf course for one last run before home.

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paul said...

stunning photos andy. always love your sunrise captures.