Friday 1 June 2012


1st June12, Newton Point, 8am

A very green morning. After the rain of the last couple of days, the hay meadow is flourishing.

Orchids in among the wet grass.

Sitting quietly on the crag along came a barn owl. Daisy was elsewhere so we sat peacefully, me and the barn owl, for a few minutes until Daisy came beside me and he flew off to his nest.

Out to sea all is blues and greys - quite a contrast to the greens of the land.

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Paul said...

Love that pic of the owl. And the hill below the coastguard lookout is a favourite vantage point of mine. Will be in Newton at the end of the month to enjoy the scenery first hand.

you-wee because said...

I found a lot of these native (European) orchids during my trip on the island of Bornholm along the foot paths above the cliffs. Mainly moorland spotted orchids.
But instead of owl portraits I took photos of uria aalge, the common guillemot and of alca torda, also known as razorbill in English.

Have a great week, Andy!