Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Catching up

26th Feb12, Newton Links, 7:30am

An early Sunday morning just in time to see the last colour of the dawn.

27th Feb12, Newton Links, 8am

One of those 'big empty beach' days - low tide and no other people. Daisy's much more sociable than me and she gets bored while I'm relaxed.

28th Feb12, Howick Shore, 3pm

17 degC - summer temperatures in February! A very nice walk along to Craster to say hello to folk I know at the Jolly Fisherman and Shoreline cafe and then back.

29th Feb12, Newton Links, 8am

Happy Leap Year! Cool and fresh this morning. I had a run in the woods early on now that it's light by 6:30 and then Daisy and I did our usual thing...

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