Saturday, 14 January 2012

time to stand and stare

12th Jan12, Newton Links, 2pm

Daisy had a notion to run in crazy circles...

13th Jan12, Howick, 3pm

Beautiful sunlit, peeling bark on some obscure variety of birch tree in Howick arboretum.

...then we had to stop on the way home for this sky above Christon Bank.

14th Jan12,Christon Bank 7:30am

The car was too frozen so we had a walk around the woods by the village. The theme was silhouettes of trees.

14th January12, Beadnell Bay, 2pm

Meet Buttons - Buttons tolerates Daisy but just wants to play with his ball and wishes she would leave him in peace.

Giving up on Buttons, Daisy spots more pals in the dunes - she does a lot of standing and staring (she is a sighthound after all)

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