Sunday, 10 July 2011


10th July 11, Ford Moss, 4pm

A rare treat of a walk inland. Ford Moss used to be a colliery but is now a restored peat bog and nature reserve. On the hill above are some cup and ring marked rocks and from here you can see the Eildon Hills near Melrose, the Cheviots are next door and the sea is still visible to the East.

The colliery chimney still stands; now incongruous in the landscape.

Ring marks are so fascinating - such a fleeting link with the past. They must have been important as they are found all over the country but their purpose is long forgotten. This part of Northumberland is very rich with them.

No obvious ring marks on this slab but it looks as if this massive circle has been segregated deliberately and there is, I think, a cup mark nearly dead-centre.

Daisy likes a view and I think she's not seen such an expansive view for a while.

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Rich Johnson said...

Lovely photos.

We were down that way a couple of months ago to take some photos of the waterfall at Roughting Linn, and a bloke was there taking photos of the ring markings. He said he'd been there every year since the late '60s, and in the last twenty years or so noticed that the markings had really begun to wear away badly. (His wife was standing on them as he said it so that might have something to do with it.) It's terrible to think that they have lasted so many thousands of years and we could be watching them completely fade away.

He suggested too that they were representations of an intimate part of a lady; he said to my fiance "you'd know more about that than me, though, what do you think?"

It was only much later I realised I should have struck the bounder.

Andy Craig Photography said...

Thanks Rich, That made me laugh :o)

We were stomping about trying to find the one or two ring marks on the top of the crag for a while little realising how close we were to Roughting Linn and the world famous collection thereon.

I feel a visit coming on...